Since President Donald Trump started occupying Washington, the far-conservatives are coming with new demands to erode the cosmopolitan culture of the country. Their attempts have made big wounds to the American society, but they are not ready to slow down. They are targeting migrants, Afro-Americans, liberals, transgenders, and almost everyone and everything that add flavor to the diversity of the American community. For a long time, they are voicing against the liberal migration policies and known for implementing tight policies that are found to be extremely harsh to people including breaking the families of migrants. Their latest target is confirmed; it is DACA program. The news gave alarming signals to young migrants who have already integrated into the American society.


Deferred Action for Child Arrivals was a humane-approached policy that provided the undocumented youth get some advantages in the American soil that include a social security number and option to work in the country for a period of two years, which is renewable. In a large number of states, the undocumented youth can even avail the driving license as well as option to get in-state-tuition fees. Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas, asked the Trump Administration to scrap the DACA program by September and warned that they would initiate legal action if the demand is not met.


They demanded the administration to stop renewing any new applications from the undocumented youth. Sadly, a state governor and nine attorney generals signed the letter submitted to the Federal government. In mid-July, this year, some Hispanic Caucus members made a closed-door meeting with the John Kelly, the Homeland Security Secretary. He confirmed that the DACA program that gave protection to nearly 800,000 undocumented youth is in danger. Kelly pointed out the legal cases against the program and focused on the challenges it faces in the recent days. Though many rights groups raised alarms about the outcome months back, Kelly’s announcement really made people panic.


DACA program is at the age of five years now and brought significant benefits to the country. 95% of the beneficiaries of the program study, work or do both and paid fees in multimillions to colleges and universities, paid taxes on their earnings, invested in the economy in the form of homes, vehicles, and more. Even many studies also showed that the program greatly benefited the country and provided long-standing impacts to the economy. While people are worried about the policy changes, organizations like Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are working on campaigns against the moves and provide guidance, information, and assistance to the people.


The concept of Frontera Fund was adopted by Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey, two high-profile journalists from the state of Arizona. They were converting the settlement amount received from the Court of Appeals for challenging their illegal arrests. Both were arrested in 2017 by Maricopa County Sheriff for publishing a grand jury instruction to the news reporters and media outlets. But, the Court of Appeals relieved the news reporters and issued them a settlement of $3.7 million, and that transformed to Frontera Fund to help the migrant and human rights groups in Arizona.