Neurocore offers effective, viable solutions and strategies to treatment with people with the behavioral health challenges or mental health problems. Their method is known as Neurofeedback. It is a method of harnessing the capabilities of the brain to learn and improve when it acquires information about the environment. Neurocore’s areas of expertise include; ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, Memory, Migraines, sleep, and stress. Using their nine brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida, it has overgrown to become a national authority in applied neuroscience since it was founded in 2004.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers involve in giving data-driven, a training programs and brain assessments that end up in aiding kids and adults in improving their concentration, managing stress as well as attaining sleep. Neurocore has only one board of member and advisor as from 2009; Timothy Royer. Neurocore uses state of the art and best neurofeedback protocols to bring people to optimize their brains hence they can perform to their best and live healthily and happily.

Through reward based training, people’s brains can learn good habits and to create stronger neural pathways and hence removing any symptoms that are unwanted and bringing about prevention of cognitive decline naturally without the use of medication. About Neurocore website is currently using 21 technologies including Viewpoint, Meta, iPhone among others. Based on its 25,008 monthly visitors on their website, it is ranked among 1,585,224 websites globally. Its employees tend to show very high interests in curved monitor, EFT( Electronic Funds Transfer) and loss prevention.