Recently the company behind classDojo has made some pretty big changes on their app classDojo, to a lot of people classDojo is seen as a teacher’s and a helicopter parents dream come true. ClassDojo is a program that is specially designed by desktop and smartphone users that allows patients and teachers to share information fast and quickly. This information includes pictures and videos from school, homework assignments and even a behavioral examination. This could be a potential dream come true for a helicopter parents but it is also changing the way the classroom is being ran.

This amazing app has helped me demystify what we do in class”, says Alexandra Blais, a first grade teacher from École Jules-Verne in Montreal North.

Alexandra has been a teacher for seven years and has been using classDojo since 2014. Before that she used written notes in her students agenda but unfortunately parents would forget to sign them and they don’t come with push notifications.

Miss Gutenkunst loves the classDojo app. “I must make sure that I write in my sons planner the night before he takes it to school, she should get the note the next day if there isn’t a new teacher subbing.”

Unfortunately for some parents they can still forget and fall behind.

Gutenkunst’s son Donovan is a 3rd grader and his teacher doesn’t use ClassDojo but his older sisters teacher does. Miss Gutenkunst loves this because now snd can send her messages and call her at the same time. The teacher can read it when they have time, read the message and respond to emergencies when needed.

Blais likes to use the classDojo’s “class story” feature to open the doors for her classroom. Now she can share pictures of students who’ve earned certificates at their graduation ceremony or film the celebration.

It’s not about being overly controlling, it’s about teaching and helping parents and teachers work together to give their students the best experience possible.