Most of the world’s problems generate from medical issues like cancer and terminal illnesses. That is why a journal like Oncotarget are instrumental in the field of medicine. Oncotarget refers to a traditional journal containing free access to medical issues and solutions online. The preferred pages can be printed depending on the demands. The core objective of Oncotarget is to provide scientific results for the world widely.


According to Dove Press, Oncotarget also focuses on maximizing the effects of research through insightful reviews. Through Oncotarget, exceptional discoveries can be shared with multitudes to get rid of the border in specialties. Research Gate reveals that Oncotarget encourages the linking of various biomedical sciences and the fostering of core applications and clinical science. Through the leadership of famous scientists, Oncotarget assists all researchers in contributing to the development of science. A life free of disease is the final goal of Oncotarget.

Cancer Therapy

Over the years, cancer has been the world’s most feared disease with it consuming over half of the world’s population. Oncotarget has been actively fighting cancer through capitalizing on all types of cancers while offering therapies and treatment protocols aimed at improving and managing cancer. Oncotarget commits to developing management programs in addition to new therapeutic processes and procedures. The treatments include the promotion of quality life, adherence to treatment and finally, satisfaction. Oncotarget explores the proof of emerging and existing therapies.This is major to improve the results and define their involvement regarding eventual intake and reception by the health care providers.

Publishing on Oncotarget

Oncotarget features a lot of benefits for both patients and physicians. If you are wondering why you should post on Oncotarget, there are many reasons. The journal is readily accessible, meaning your article can easily be downloaded from the website. Unlike many blogs which reject articles especially because of space, Oncotarget can hold countless articles. Also, the time for submission and decision to upload your article is shorter compared to other online journals. Oncotarget approves posts within three weeks.

Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny studies cancer in addition to aging. He is a medical scientist and professor of oncology. He practices at Rosewell Park Institute of Cancer, located in New York City.