Michael Nierenberg is the CEO and Board Chairman of the New Residential Investment Corporation. He is a highly known asset of the company and is one of the most prominent and dominant figures in the investment industry. His position was obtained in 2013 and as of today the company is growing rapidly day after day.

The New Residential Investment Corporation ran by Michael Nierenberg is located in the New York City area. This investment company is responsible for operating, owing, financing and offering mortgages all across the country, many services to take advantage of.

Over the years, he has discussed many strategies used and they are very useful resources. One of the solutions that Michael Nierenberg discusses is “RE-Preforming Mortgage Portfolios”. This topic focuses on mortgage loan workouts keeping you out of that unwanted foreclosure. The borrower would be able to resume payments after 90 days of delinquent payments to focus on you keeping your property.

Michael Nierenberg also announced as of February 19th, New Residential Investment Corporation is offering 40,297,096 shares of its common stock by fundraising.

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