Banyan Hill’s Chief Resource Investment Expert, Matt Badiali has been recommending owning MLP shares to receive Freedom Checks, which has been on average yielding upwards of 7 to 10 percent. Freedom Checks is just a clever moniker given to dividends distributed by Master Limited Partnerships, which Badiali explains here.

There’s multiple reasons to invest in MLPs, and Matt Badiali makes a valid case for getting into this billion dollar industry. In fact, there’s never been a better time. Interestingly enough, Freedom Checks are not the only market Matt Badiali has been recommending. His Twitter feed recently sparked more interest about the Cannabis industry and the golden opportunities.

Legalized Marijuana Investments

There are plenty of structured cannabis companies, but only three found on the USstock market today, yet investments still range from euphoria to skepticism. These companies are flourishing, and even foreign investors see advantages of the commercialization of marijuana. Badiali has pointed out how cannabis producers range from retailers, and equipment companies to those specializing in fertilizers for cultivation, research institutes, and more.

So, which ones to bet on? One of the largest cannabis producing companies right now is Canada’s Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED). It’s a $40 million dollar company that has made plenty of investors wealthy. It’s already ranked as a top stock, and with Canada legalizing marijuana, the long term impact of Canopy Growth Corporation will mean lots of demand. Already in the works are marijuana edibles by Canopy Growth and their partner Constellation Brands.

As Matt Badiali has pointed out, low Cannabis stock prices, like Canopy Growth ($25.66) are a great opportunity. It is being promoted as the next “gold rush” and policy makers see this thriving sector as an opportunity to create jobs, not to mention, as taxable income for states.

While risky, investors are eyeing start-ups because it can also be very rewarding. The start-up market is a place where innovation, research and discovery are continuing to find new uses for medicinal marijuana, and this is a golden opportunity, ripe for investments and profit, from the ground floor.