Mark Holyoake has established himself as a guru in the real estate and private equity markets. For close to three decades, he has invested heavily in residential and commercial property world-over. His diverse investments culminated in the establishment of Oakvest Holdings. In 2010, his investment group purchased Icesea, a firm where he serves as a board director. His investment interests have also spilled over to the food industry.

He was a student at the University of Reading where he earned a degree in business. Since his graduation in 1995, Mark Holyoake set his mind on growing his business portfolio. The property markets, as well as Europe’s food sectors, have occupied his mind for most of this period. He had the privilege of working as a director for a host of seafood companies in his formative years in the corporate world.

The father of three has maintained his focus in central London. His investment fund has been at the heart of numerous developments and real estate acquisitions. He firmly believes that his social skills have had a significant effect on his growth as an entrepreneur. The constant engagements with potential clients opened up a world of opportunities that he was keen to make the most of.

Mark Holyoake believes that budding entrepreneurs need not to be in a hurry in their bid for growth in different fields. A carefully planned out approach is more likely to yield more fruit in the long run. Detailed plans often save time and money according to the seasoned investor.

Apart from a solid plan, entrepreneurs need a stable support base to propel them to success. Mark Holyoake attributes much of his success to the impressive team around him. The right support network will challenge and critique ideas, and this trait helps to improve one’s plans and goals. He also encourages business leaders not to shy away from giving responsibilities to trusted personnel. Once your employees feel appreciated, they’ll do everything in their power to grow your business.

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