Mark Beers will live to be remembered due to contributions in the field of medicine. He was born in 1954 at Brooklyn in New York City. He was quite a learned person and attained some certificates in the field of medicine. He acquired a degree in medicine from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He did not stop there but decided to venture deeper into medicine. He succeeded to acquire a postgraduate degree in medicine from Havard University and Mount Sinai Hospital. Mark Beers was very qualified and because of this, he got to work at several places. He was employed as an assistant professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. In addition to that, he also worked with RAND Corporation for three years where he worked as a natural scientist.

While still studying at Havard University, he carried out a research about the nursing homes in Boston and investigated the drugs that the old people in the nursing home were being given. It was later that he came to find out that some drugs such as antidepressants, sedatives, and antipsychotics had some terrible side effects. They caused symptoms like seizures and mental confusion. He later documented the results his research in a journal which outlined the mistakes made in hospitals in prescribing drugs to older people. Learn more:

The journal has been in print even up to date where it has really been useful to doctors and anybody else involved in the field of medicine. Mark Beers advised people in his journal to always carry an updated list of drugs and dosage that they are currently taking for the medical physicians to know what drug to give them. Due to his exemplary skills and experience, he was later made the associate editor of Merk Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy where he helped publish the book which has been useful to Medical professional. Mark Beer is the co-founder of Renovia and was successful in raising $32 million where it was used to venture in technology in his company.

He is an exemplary leader who has led the company in developing the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He has also made a big contribution in improving diagnostics. His company has made it one of its goals to treat urinary disorders which is a common problem for many women around the world. Mark Beer is truly an important person in the field of medicine who has really contributed to the improvement of diagnosis in many hospitals through his research.