Malcolm CasSelle, is a Stanford University Graduate. A technical genius and a rising entrepreneur. He received a degree in computer science, where he has utilized his knowledge to impact the world through computer technology.

Malcolm CasSelle is OPSkins CIO. OPSkins is a virtual gaming community. Where the buying and selling of virtual weapons is the main attraction. Within the community, buyers and sellers move their virtual weapon skins, stress free. OPSkins is a gaming community which is uniquely different from other online virtual communities.

OPSkins, Montreal founded, original goal was the prevention of online gaming scams. The other end of the spectrum involved similar gaming communities which allowed buying and selling of virtual weapon skins as well. The main difference though, players could only to utilize profits to make purchases on products that were only accessible within that community. Malcolm CasSelle and his OPSkins partners, saw the need and placed their stamp on the world of computer technology.

OPSkins solved these major problems that gamers all over the world has dealt with for years. OPSkins allows buyers and sellers to purchase new virtual skins with their profits. Buyers and sellers can now also take their profits in the form of actual money. Yes! Cryptocurrency, BTC or most referred to as Bitcoin. OPSkins was able to offer this opportunity to their members because of their WAX partnership. Worldwide Asset Exchange, where Malcolm CasSelle, is the founder and the President. OPSkins, the once small company that began its journey in Montreal, Canada. Has received recognition through rapid growth and now span across three continents which now includes Canada, the United States and Europe.

Wax, if not familiar, is a decentralized gaming community. WAX, members only, are allowed to buy or sell. When making purchases or selling. No party involved will received product or payment until the proper steps are taken to complete sale or purchase. WAX added bonus, the Cryptocurrency. Gamers, who love to game, can game. Buy, Sell or simply invest part of their profits.
Malcolm CasSelle, The man, The Entrepreneur who’s helping change the face of technology through his love of computer science.