The future of video games has arrived and power, more than ever, is being shifted to the people. You may have noticed with many top flight games that there is a burgeoning digital market surrounding buyable assets that can be used within video games. One aspect of this new digital marketplace is called the Worldwide Asset Exchange, otherwise known as WAX. Through this platform people are turning to a marketplace that is rapidly growing and evolving based around the needs and wants of gamers and the digital economy. Leading the way at WAX is the company president, Malcolm CasSelle.


Malcolm CasSelle is a world class entrepreneur that has had his fingers in the pies of many of the most inspiring digital platforms around over the past decade or so. CasSelle used to serve as the VP of the digital media empire SeaChange before moving on to Xfire, which linked him right in with the video game industry in a way that was hard to deny. CasSelle’s work has always had him trending toward activity in the video game marketplace so it makes sense that he is active on Facebook, Zynga, and even companies operating within the cryptocurrency field.


CasSelle’s work with the WAX exchange platform has gotten many people to perk up their ears and for good reason. With the rise of digital marketplaces coinciding with the rise of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, there was a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor in order to create something truly special. CasSelle saw how a digital marketplace, decentralized and reliant upon just the users and the foundation that WAX provided, could become something of a phenomena. We are living in an era of collectors and digital currency and digital items is no stranger of an item to collect than baseball cards or movie props.


Ultimately what CasSelle and the team at WAX are offering is an exchange venue that provides users with a safe and efficient system to make transactions while utilizing digital goods and services. If WAX is as successful as Malcolm CasSelle believes it to be, we might be looking at the future of digital trading.