When it comes to businesses there are many people out there who can give valuable advice when starting and operating them. These people can either be consultants, advisors, board members, senior officers, or all of the above. When in the Chicago area you would be very wise to ask Maarten de Jeu to help with your business.


Maarten de Jeu has had an illustrious career as both a strategic advisor for business and as a business owner. After obtaining an MBA from Oxford and training in multiple languages, Maarten set out to gain expertise in commercial real estate, finance, and international business. Maarten has worked with several Fortune 100 companies and has a network of contacts in North America, Asia, and Europe. He is sought out due to his experience in building multilingual and multicultural business teams and supervising projects until they are completed.


Before starting his present company SVM Business Advisory in 2012, Maarten de Jeu worked for Aviva London, and TVDK Management Consultants, managing their top clients, Heinz, and ING among them.


When not working Maarten de Jeu spends time with his family, has hobbies, and he engages in his community by joining several organizations. One such organization, the Museum of Science and Industry, is one of Maarten’s favorite projects. He has co-chaired the Science Spins Exhibit, about the history of the bicycle, and his current project with the MSI is the Farrell Fellows internship. Learn more: https://www.socialifechicago.com/msi-celebrates-2017-columbian-ball/smita-shah-maarten-de-jeu-alison-neidt-toonen/


This internship takes Chicago area teens and engages them in scientific learning which will assist them in finding future opportunities in science. The fellowship is a 5-week course that trains these teens in leadership development, science, and the art of oration. Learning these skills will be crucial for these teams of teens to find lucrative careers in the future. The Internship ends with the students creating their own interactive science learning modules and science events for display in the community. In 2014, one such event was America’s Got Bubbles, an interactive display regarding bubbles. 40 teens teamed up to create this project and it was considered a success. There are also interactive exhibits that engage small children in creating projects such as boats out of paper, and mini launchable rockets. Maarten de Jeu engages himself in such activities because he wants to find someone capable of achieving what he has in his local community, and he uses his resources and expertise to find better ways of training the next generation. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter