Maarten de Jeu went to school in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He minored in Social Science and majored in Public Administration in 2001 at Leiden University. In 2005, he ranked first in his University of Oxford class and the focus of his international business has been with commercial real estate investment and financial services.

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Maarten de Jeu mix of technical and industry skills with his international connections in North America, Asia, and Europe is what makes him stand out. He has been an advisor to several Fortune 100 companies. He worked with top clients at TVDK Management Consultants from 1999 to 2007. He then was a Director of the insurance firm, Aviva plc. In London. In 2008, he was recruited as the international strategy manager for Aviva Plc. North American headquarters and moved to Chicago, Illinois. Where he helped to raise their North American presence. In 2012 he started SVM Business Advisory. He also co-founded Europe’s SpeakUp, which deals with ethics and compliance of companies.
While Maarten de Jeu co-founded and ran SVM Business Advisory, he was a co-chair of the Science Spins program at the MSI or the Museum of Science and Industry. The MSI is the largest science museum of the entire Western Hemisphere. The main goal of the MSI has always been to show the history of the bicycle and inform its visitors.
The Farrell Fellows internship at the MSI is used to keep Chicago-area teens engaged in the scientific and engineering learning of the facility. The Farrell Fellows internship is held during the Summer months over a period of five weeks at the MSI. The course covers public speaking, leadership development, and scientific studies. Near the end of the Farrell Fellows internship, the participating students will be able to show off interactive science projects to their communities and even in the Museum of Science and Industry itself.
During the 2014 class of the Farrell Fellows internship, 40 students joined together to work on a large project. It was called America’s Got Bubbles, and they did the show at 17 public libraries around Chicago. The show involved the teens using large bubble wands to create huge bubbles and teach the audience about the chemistry of bubbles. Other interactive science projects that have been done by students of the Farrell Fellows internship include teaching children to engineer newspaper carnival tents and even creating a high striker game by launching model rockets.
Maarten de Jeu spends time playing tennis and with his family when not working. Along with working with the MSI, he is involved with other Chicago associations. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Environmental Law & Policy Center are a couple he works with.

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