Foundations Firmly Estaablished

Luke Lazarus is from Perth, Australia. At the age of 8, he had the chance to coo-ordinate a business plan with a local friend who had the same propensities as Luke Lazarus. Luke said later that he had to convince his friend that his business plan would work, but it had to be implemented as he advised.

The program did work, and the friendship did remain. Lastly, those early impressions of success stayed with Luke Lazarus throughout the rest of his formative years, into High School an later when he entered Melbourne Business School to pursue his MBA.

Launching into Business Adventure

Luke Lazarus always kept his business proprieties set and after graduating launched into his first business adventures. Within eight years, he had drawn up, implemented, managed successfully, and sold all four of his startups. Luke Lazarus experienced his dream of becoming a successful businessman, but Luke Lazarus wanted more than to be successful for himself. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Luke Lazarus had more in-depth plans to draw up plans for a business that would help other startups to be successful. His new consultancy, named after himself, would allow Luke Lazarus to share his experience. Others could learn his knowledge and gained insights. His lessons learned in the university of hard knocks could be applied to their situations.

Startups who sought his counsel could gain confidence in building on successful principles that work. Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia was born in 2013. Luke Lazarus has 20 solid years of business experience today and thrives on sharing that experience with startups that are ready and hungry for success.

Deep Diving

Luke Lazarus doesn’t hesitate to set his startups straight on what it takes to make a business plan work in the real world of business action. On the other hand, he treats as tolerable those things which he knows can be corrected and encourages the essential changes that make a difference to the success of the entire organization.

For example, if a startup examines their business plan with the eyes and practical experience of Luke Lazarus, they will see that their story wither works or its doesn’t. They then need to make a practical choice and dive deeper if it isn’t working and change it until it resonates with the core of their story.

Luke Lazarus drills into his startup teams the significance of having a no-compromise attitude toward things that will turn away an investor from the table or give off signals in the pitch to investors that will ultimately lead to a no investment result.

Know your story, and set the foundation for success is the key element Luke Lazarus stresses repeatedly. If the story cannot be identified with no one will be moved to invest or identify with the values their products represent.

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