Louis Chenevert has the magic touch when it comes to running an dynamic company. In his last role, as chief executive officer and chairman of United Technologies Corporation, Louis worked tirelessly to make the most of his time there. In a short period of time, he changed the landscape for the company into immense profitability, all while acting with the upmost integrity towards his employees, the environment, and the community. In fact, Mr. Chenevert made sure to give back to society in a meaningful way.


Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Canada in 1958. He attended HEC Montreal, which is a business school that is a part of the University of Montreal. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management and then went on to join the work force. This included a 14 year career at General Motors and then another 14 years at Pratt & Whitney. This company is under the umbrella of the company he would eventually run called United Technology Corporation, or UTC. Louis also serves on the board of directors for Cargill, which is a global corporation. As a very successful businessman and leader of corporations, Mr. Chenevert has some good advice for business owners. He says investing in employees is crucial to the growth of your company. Armed with the skills and confidence to do their job correctly, employees will feel valued thus giving you 110 percent of their energy. Louis’s first piece of advice is to weed out negative people who only drag down the atmosphere. They will only limit the potential and progress of your company by creating unnecessary drama. Instead of focusing on work, they spend their time dragging others down and nobody wants that. The next pearl of wisdom is to reward good work. If people are doing a good job acknowledge their efforts and reward them accordingly. This will give them incentive to continue doing their best. One last thing, is to invest in your employees to higher education. Not only will they benefit from this greatly, your company will too. Their new set of knowledge, confidence, and purpose will certainly rub off on your company’s bright future.