Location-as-a-Service companies have become more common over the years, especially with steadily advancing technology and digital environment. LocationSmart, first founded back in 1995, is currently the largest Location-as-a-Service company in the world with headquarters in California in the United States.

When the company was founded, it was called TechnoCom, and the founders couldn’t have picked a better time to get in the business. Company expansion came quickly and their services were in high demand, allowing them to take a leading position in the LaaS market.

LocationSmart is always working on new growth and expansions, which includes business partnerships with new companies. Before the end of 2018, LocationSmart made an announcement that it was going into business with AND, a provider of location-based services and digital maps internationally. Newly added global map boundaries make it much easier for clients to use compliance services internationally through LocationSmart.

There are few industries out there today that can’t make use of LaaS services like those provided at LocationSmart, and the company has no specific criteria for which industries it will work with.

Currently, mobile service providers are the most common, but they also work with gaming corporations, IoT companies, retail businesses, and more. Companies of any size can make use of LocationSmart’s one size fit all options, including new startups. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

LocationSmart just recently expanded its services into Canada as well, which took place after a several month long beta test that took place in 2018. The great reception of the company’s services allowed them to continue with the expansion with high expectations, and so far, it has been extremely successful. LocationSmart’s services will go on to work with just shy of 90 percent of Canadian mobile phone users.

Exceptionally security has been one of the biggest selling points for LocationSmart over the years with no breaches allowing for the theft of client’s sensitive information.

The companies reputation for high security nearly matched by its numerous business advantages and opportunities for clients, and it won’t be long till they have started expanding globally. To date, LocationSmart has over 15 million devices included on its network.

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