For anyone to be in business today, the internet makes it possible for them to market their services, ship their goods, and pull in new customers. It’s also the way that they communicate between teams and to their external partners. LocationSmart makes these things possible with geolocation services that perfect communication.


By connecting to the internet, or an intranet a device gets an IP address, providing information on where the user is located. This is data that can come in useful when adhering to strict regulations. Gaming services like online poker or casinos need to make sure that users logging on are doing so in areas where gambling is permitted. Geolocation data is the best bet for these businesses to know that they’re in compliance, and users are allowed to complete transactions and make bets. It’s also how servers can best sort users to allow for the smoothest play experience possible.


This data set is also how businesses can combat fraud. Knowing where a user is when accessing a businesses services or their network, can reveal if some software is attempting to conceal them from being identified. Then a business can deploy protocols in place to verify credentials by asking those suspect users to provide more information, or contact a live representative. This is a good measure to have in place as it communicated to verified users that the business they’re subscribed to makes sure to protect access to their account.


Security is a big deal for any business, and when factoring in the internet geolocation proves to be even more valuable. LocationSmart can identify a user location in real-time, and that can let a business know that some malicious person is trying to hack their network. This alert tells the business to take action immediately, allowing them to take steps to preserve their precious data. That same service can be used to ensure the safety of employees in the field with proprietary hardware. With those IPs, a business can make sure that tablets and smartphones are with those employees, and that they haven’t lost them.


Protecting business assets doesn’t just mean knowing where material things are, it’s also data. Businesses that have a streaming platform makes their revenue from subscribers. Were a user, authorized or not, decide to copy that content and make it available elsewhere, it could hurt a business. Geolocation can identify attempts at piracy and reproduction, giving businesses options to secure their content.


LocationSmart can reveal a trove of data by simply identifying a user’s IP, and these examples only scratch the surface. And with their assistance, businesses can determine new methods of operation that better secures their networks and provides better customer security and satisfaction.


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