Doe Deere is the founder and former CEO of Lime Crime. This is a cosmetic line that was created in 2008. The company’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. She is committed to implementing animal conscious values and culture as well as female empowerment through her line of products. She is a visionary and has proven to be an innovator within the cosmetology world.

Recently Deere took to her social media sites to break the news that the company had now been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. Not knowing the specifics of the deal, consumers of the cosmetology line were confused and a bit flustered but she assured them that she would remain the vision behind the line; and this was only to expand the brand. She went on to mention that her role would no longer be overseeing the day to day operations of the company, but she will be on the board and making decisions that count towards furthering brand’s reach. This acquisition plans to further encourage Lime Crime’s mission to provide cruelty-free vegan products that are high quality. Doe Deere is proud of what she’s built and expresses that it is a truly unique brand with the global fan base. She mentioned that she is working on a collection of fine jewelry for those who are looking for a different taste. The designs of this jewelry line is said to have a lot of symbolism behind them. Lime Crime’s expedited growth was the main reason she decided to bring in partners. As she began to experience situations beyond her experience, it seemed to be the right decision. Progressively making strides to empower through product and a message, it appears Doe Deere’s vision is crystal clear and she is not slowing down.