Highland Capital Management is a global venture firm, it was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero, Headquarter located in Dallas, Texas, they have maintained a number of offices across. They manage the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund including others. The company is a multibillion-dollar investment manager, they are the pioneer in leveraged loans market, the company has developed in over twenty-five years, where it has been building on its credit expertise as well as value-based perspective to expand to other asset groups. Highland Capital Management operates a wide investment platform, where they serve both corporate and retails investors all over the world. Highland Capital Management has a high yield on credit because of investment capabilities which include private equity and special situations, real estate, sector, and region-specific vertical built around specialized teams and structured credit. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.


Highland Capital Management has over twenty years of experience in alternative investments that have made them refine out processes and generate more over time. The company CIO and Portfolio managers are given responsibility for setting top-down peril positioning and portfolio risk target. The investment team comprises of a focused professional team which is responsible for going through existing investment, evaluation of opportunities across issuer capital structure. Highland Capital Management active and concentrated portfolio management procedure that drives out their bold decision making.

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Highland Capital Management has structured products such as CLO which is insurance of security and equity share banked by cash flows from a wide-ranging pool of major secured corporate banks loans. Investors now can gain access to unique investment opportunities because of the integration of CLO and it’s exact investment and peril management procedure. The most talented, passionate and intelligent personnel have made the Highland Capital Management the way is it now. Key secrete behind being an employee of Highland is, having demonstrated the antiquity of Excellency, working as teamwork, and leadership. In conclusion great figures like Mr. Mark Okada who is the chief investor of the Highland, he oversees Highland’s investment deeds both institution and sales investment platforms. He remains portfolio manager with more than thirty years of working experience in the credit market, Mr. Okada is highly referred to an innovator in alternative credit investing. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.