Dr Walden is a fearless leader. She is surgeon who is certified in plastic surgery. She is the first woman to serve as a female president of an organization which is globally authoritative. She is recognized as a super Dr in Texas. She is an author who is established who has numerous articles published.

Walden and her colleagues work with people to help them in choosing remedies for their needs. Mostly women have many areas they are concerned about when it comes to unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal is useful in getting rid of unwanted hairs. This helps to get rid of such hairs for good, and also it helps to reduce hair thickness in the concerned areas.

This focused on the follicles of the hair that are in the phase of active growth. These kills the follicles this making them unproductive. When the concerned people go for several sessions, they are able to notice lesser hairs in the areas of concern. Thus, through continued sessions those areas become fully hair-free. The candidates of laser hair removal are any patient despite of their skin colors, this has been made possible by the advancements in technology because previously it could only remove hair from light skin with dark hair. This is possible through application of laser therapies.

It is important to understand how to use laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is painful because it uses laser light which is used to damage follicles of the hair, though they use cold blast where the laser light was pointing, this helps to lessen the pain experienced. For good results one needs to be patient for it takes a number of sessions to eradicate the unwanted hairs completely, and one has to be regular with visiting the appointments to eradicate those follicles. One need to take caution because laser can cause reaction with the hair on the skin surface, and this can cause some itching and irritation. Lasers doesn’t work on all types of hair; in some cases, it can trigger some more hairs to grow. Dermatologists have to identify hair type before doing lasers.

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