Finance is a realm which has seen Kevin Seawright do unbelievably well for himself both as a professional and as a leader. He is not just a chief financial officer at the moment, but also an executive vice president. Newark Economic Development Corporation is the company at which Seawright dutifully serves these roles. Entrepreneurship and leadership, from the beginning, appear to have been very well-suited to his talents, and his accomplishments have resulted in the high level of respect which he currently enjoys. His work is some of the best in administrative management, and his advice is highly trusted by many leaders with whom he speaks. Check out to view interview of Kevin Seawright.

It is interesting to follow the path that has led Kevin Seawright to the current stage of his career, but what may be surprising to a few readers is how active he is with others when it comes to social media. This a great thing for those interested in learning more either about or from him, as he is a man with some highly valuable knowledge to give. Even before he became a part of Newark Economic Development Corporation, which occurred in 2015, Seawright had already put a striking 13 years worth of industry experience behind him.

A large portion of these prior experiences actually came from governmental work. Baltimore, Maryland, specifically, is a city that has benefited from his influence. It was there that he put forth the concept of implementing a different system for accounting; this was greatly helpful for Baltimore’s Commission of Aging and Retirement. Aside from that, Kevin Seawright was also involved in Baltimore’s Housing Authority, and during his time there he served as the group’s payroll director. Eventually, he rose to an even better and more well-respected position, which was Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Education, and important role that he served for half a decade. Learn more: