John Goullet is an American businessman and the chief director of Diversant, LLC. Goullet is experienced and passionate about the provision of IT staffing services. He is a graduate of the eminent Ursinus College where he majored in computer science. Goullet enjoys reading, and his favorite book is “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War,” authored by Sebastian Gorka. He also idolizes Jim Collins and his perspective about business and ideas on how to run companies. During his free time, Goullet plays golf and studies emerging technologies to expand his knowledge about the GDP.

Goullet and Info Technologies

Early in his career, Goullet served as an IT consultant and worked for various companies and individual businesspersons before transitioning to the IT staffing business. Upon joining the IT staffing business, he formed Info Technologies. Goullet grew this firm to a multi-million dollar business. Under his management, Info Technologies expanded its portfolio of activities and increased its net worth to $30 million within a period of five years. Goullet’s company also received recognition by the Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500, and it was mentioned twice in this magazine as one of the best-performing companies in America and what Avi knows.

Goullet’s role at Diversant LLC

While the Info Technology was at its peak, Goullet decided to merge it with Diversant, a firm that provides IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in the United States. Diversant was owned previously by Gene Waddy, a renowned entrepreneur driven by the passion for helping other people in the society. Waddy takes pride in being the pioneer and the man behind the growth of Diversant into one of the largest Afro-American businesses in the U.S.

Since the merger of Diversant and Info Technologies, the two principals have worked together to build the company’s reputation for excellence among the Fortune 500 companies. As a partner at Diversant, LLC, Goullet uses his skills to identify emerging marketing trends as well as provide tailored staffing solutions to the company’s diverse clientele. Goullet is the chairman of Diversant LLC and is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day management of the company’s core operations. Up to date, Goullet continues to practice his passion for solving challenges in the diverse IT marketplace.

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