Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur who has started multiple companies. During his career, he has made numerous mistakes. Instead of giving up, he merely uses his mistakes as an opportunity to learn valuable lessons for the future.

Jed McCaleb is the founder of Stellar. Stellar is a thriving company that offers valuable services to customers. Stellar is expanding, and some people believe that Stellar can become a leading company in the industry.

Jed McCaleb also spends time investing in the local community. He leads a mentoring group for young business owners. He is also an active investor in the local real estate market.


Starting Stellar

Starting a company is always challenging to do. Early in his career, Jed McCaleb founded several companies. Every business idea failed, but he learned from each failure. When Jed McCaleb started Stellar, he had a financial plan that would lead the company to success.

Instead of utilizing a massive business loan, Jed McCaleb used private equity to fund his business. He sold an equity position in the company to investors. With the success of Stellar, both Jed McCaleb and the investors made a ton of money.


Mentoring The Next Generation

Jed McCaleb is a firm believer in giving back to others. He had to deal with numerous business failures because he did not have a mentor to teach him about basic business principles.

He is also passionate about education opportunities for children. Jed McCaleb grew up in an area with an inadequate school system. He struggled in college due to his poor education. He wants to provide all children with the opportunity to graduate high school and attend college.

The future is bright for Stellar. Jed McCaleb is excited about the growth of the company, and he has plans to improve Stellar in the years ahead.