JD.com is the largest online retailer in China. They use the latest technology to work with companies and form partnerships both online and offline. They are able to reach over 99 percent of the population and over 90 percent of their purchases are delivered the same day or even the next day. While this store operates on the internet, they are also working with traditional brick and mortar stores to keep them in business and keep them providing some great products to their customers.

JD.com is looking to work with a number of brick and mortar stores and help them use technology to keep their business going strong. They will work with traditional stores to help them sell their products and reach new customers. The new technology will allow a customer to access a virtual fitting room to try on clothing and see how it would like. This makes it easier for customers to make a purchase. Customers can access the go.

JD.com is working with these stores to sell the products online. Working together a person can have access to clothing and other goods. Brick and mortar stores can increase their business by embracing this new technology and their new partnership.

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