The Veteran’s Administration concurred James Reese’s disability status. The government entity declared Reese to be 80% disabled. James Reese, however, did not let his disability slow down his post-military career. Reese worked at co-founding TigerSwan, a standout in the world of private security firms.

TigerSwan provides direct security work to clients requesting its services. The teams associated with TigerSwan represent elite operatives. They must be considering hotspots such as Iraq list as locations team members find themselves working.

tigerswan, james reese

James Reese possesses more than enough experience to serve as the CEO of TigerSwan. He previously held the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Delta Force. Few ex-military personnel can say they were part of the elite crew of special operatives. As an officer, Reese led members of the team. Now, he leads the employees of TigerSwan.

 Leadership skills can’t be fully learned from anything other than experience. James Reese developed his leadership talents in the military. He now takes that skill to his day-to-day management of TigerSwan. People may not think of the firm as a small business, but it is. The company’s focus may be atypical, but it must remain faithful to the laws of economics and sound business management.

James Reese discussed his insights into what makes a skilled small business owner. He points to communications and listening skills as being among the most important. As noted, private security work and consulting ventures cannot thrive unless they remain true to the fundamentals of sound business practices.

Reese involves himself in endeavors outside of TigerSwan. He also co-founded a high-end tactical training facility. Special ops teams train there, but they aren’t alone. A co-promotional event with Chevrolet opened opportunities for the public to see how special ops teams train. Look for more intriguing endeavors in the future from James Reese.

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