James Dondero is a well-known hedge fund manager based in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero currently serves as the president of a famous company in the country, known as Highland Capital Management. Dondero co-founded the company several years ago, and he has worked hard to make it one of the most successful hedge fund companies in the United States. Learn more about James Dondero: http://thedallasjournal.org/the-career-achievements-of-james-dondero/

Just recently, James Dondero was appointed to join the executive board of directors in an institution called Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. This new appointment will be a way of strengthening the steadfast commitment Highland Capital Management has to SMU.

Before the appointment, Highland Capital Management was already in charge of the Tower Scholarship in the institution. The program was started years ago, and it encourages and also recognizes the academic and professional pursuits especially in public policy. James Dondero and his company have also been supporting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum for some time now.

According to James Dondero, Cox School has always made some significant contributions to the vibrant business community in Dallas, and Highland Capital Management is one of the greatest beneficiaries. James Dondero also says that he is very excited and also honored to serve on the board. At this position, the hedge fund manager helps to bring growth and excellence in the future initiatives of the country.

The SMU Cox Executive Board currently has one hundred appointed members. Most of these members are non- academics and their primary role is to advise the institution about strategies. According to a recent report, the executive board members are supposed to meet at least three times every year. They mostly meet during the fall, spring and winter to discuss important issues concerning the business school.

Apart from being the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has several other important responsibilities. He is currently the chairman of a company known as NexBank. He is also the chairman of CCS Medical, Residential Trust, NexPoint and Cornerstone Healthcare.