JACK PlotkinJack Plotkin is a technology expert, author, investor and advisor. Plotkin is also Founder & CEO of Cardinal Solutions and Head of Product/ Chief Strategy Officer at VirtualHealth.

VirtualHealth is a technology platform that integrates all health data streams to provide a comprehensive health record of a patient. VirtualHealth combines telehealth data with health records, claims, treatments, and care plans. Up until now, healthcare professionals could only see parts of a patients’ health record.

The integrated data file contains a 360-degree view of the patients’ health record and shared by all medical professionals on the care team. This ensures that every patient receives the best possible care.

Instant Access to Records:

One of the biggest benefits of VirtualHealth is instant access to health records. Because the care team updates record after each patient communication, data is always current. This makes it easy for medical professionals to see what treatments and medications have been prescribed—reducing the risk of over medication.

One of the goals is to make sure that patients receive proper proactive and preventative healthcare to reduce hospitalizations and procedures.

Jack Plotkin, Merging Technology, Wellness, and Consumer Trends:

Jack Plotkin

VirtualHealth was designed to integrate healthcare, benefiting patients and enabling medical workers to provide the best care possible to ensure positive outcomes for their patients.

Plotkin had the perfect background to tackle the task of building this platform.

Plotkin attended Harvard University, where he studied computer science and economics. He spent the next 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies honing his skills and becoming an expert on enterprise solutions for large organizations.

With his knowledge and expertise, Plotkin is a true asset to any organization.