The popular NexBank financial group allows their customers to get a peace of mind with their money. Your money is protected with government backed FDIC insurance along with billions of dollar in assets. Are you currently frustrated with the fees being imposed by your current financial institution? NexBank makes their customers more than a deposit. They’re dedicated to putting the needs of their customers first. Their CEO, John Holt was the recipient of the 2017 Financial Strategy Award for NexBank. Their financial strategy has led more customers to their Dallas, Texas based institute for great membership opportunities.

NexBank Available Features

Are you stuck with an automated system when you want to discuss your financial account? The NexBank financial group offers their customers 24/7 support options with a live IT specialist. You can also use their online support system to get information about your account. They have an online navigating portal that helps you with your financial questions and concerns. Plus, business professionals have access to their account from anywhere in the world with internet access. You can manage your business account for complete control over your revenue, expenses, or payroll. Ask a NexBank about their business account services.

NexBank Services

– IRA accounts

– free direct deposit

– free checks

– financial counseling

– interest bearing accounts

– no fee ATM (nationwide)

– interest bearing account

– and much more…

NexBank Mortgage Services

You have an opportunity to own a home for the first time with gainful employment along with being low income. In fact, they help their moderate income homeowners get a excellent fixed rate and monthly mortgage costs. Their homeowernship program is made possible through a merger with Habitat For Humanity. You can live in your dream home from the mortgage tab on the NexBank website.

Would you like to drive your dream car? NexBank Capital has excellent installment loan opportunities that allow you to get the car that you’ve always dreamed of driving. In fact, NexBank offers account incentives when you refinance your car with them. Talk to a car loan professional about their vehicle loans. You can also get assistance with your tuition and other college expenses through their college savings program. You can use their 1,200 college savings programs by browsing their options on their website. You’re invited to visit the NexBank financial website for more details on their financial opportunities today.