Hyland is a baby product company that was founded in 1903. The company is based out of downtown Los Angeles. One of the company’s most needed and popular products are the Hyland’s teething tablets. These tablets were created to combat infant pain in relation to teething. It is common knowledge that teething not only hurts the infant but also causes the infant to be very upset. Every parent is looking for a solution to either stop or minimize the pain for their baby and this is why Hyland’s teething tablets are available.This product is safe, gentle, all natural, and has no artificial flavors. The FDA issued a report that homeopathic teething tablets were unsafe for babies and children because they assumed that the products contained large amounts of belladonna. Once pharmacies such a CVS got wind of this report they did a voluntary recall of Hyland’s teething tablets.

Hyland has a hundred year history in the homeopathic healing industry because of this they were able to debunk the report in regards to their product. The firm let the pharmacies and the general public know that Hyland’s teething tablets are GMP compliant. Hyland also lets the public know that reports were based off of if infants or children were exposed to large doses of belladonna not trace amounts. A child would have to engulf bottles of Hyland’s teething tablets to experience even one side effect. Because Hyland is one of the leading homeopathic companies in America and has been here to provide the safest and best products for infants mothers across North America trust this company.

So when the company provide an explanation on what the FDA report was about it was received well. The company is here to help families and educate mothers on how to care for their children in the most natural way possible. Hyland is a company built by a family in order to assist other families. This is an example of how looking out for people’s best interest and having a great reputation can be beneficial when it comes to misunderstanding the use or ingredients in a product.

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