LocationSmart improves the experiences of businesses. The tools offered by the company is protecting data and allowing access to content people enjoy. It reducing piracy of the content. There is more revenue earned by content creators who are utilizing security measures that are enhanced with the useful tools from LocationSmart who gathers geolocation data. LocationSmart is helping companies protect their brands with various tools the company offers. A security breach for some companies can cause millions of dollars in damage and cause potential clients to question a company’s capability to protect their information when completing online transactions.


Network security is complemented by LocationSmart’s capability to provide privacy protocols to clients will ensure customers will be able to control what information will be shared and how it will be shared when interacting with a company. LocationSmart provides privacy controls that work. LocationSmart is part of a privacy committee who ensures the best practices are implemented regarding privacy and location management. The tools provided by LocationSmart allows privacy controls that will provide users a secure method to opt-in and opt-out of the privacy controls offered by a business utilizing LocationSmart’s tools.


Business must be able to communicate to its’ clients in a manner that will increase clients’ engagement. LocationSmart’s text messaging is utilized by companies who need comprehensive campaign management. The text messaging feature offered by LocationSmart complies with industry standards for mobile messaging. The clients of the company utilizing text messaging will receive communication-based on geolocation data. The campaign ensures that information provided to the end-users is relevant to the user. The use of LocationSmart ‘s text messaging will help companies produce results. The short message service(SMS) or text messaging will allow clients to locate business quicker when companies decide to use the Text To Find that LocationSmart provides when they offer text messaging to clients. Clients are able to receive relevant alerts that will help when interacting with a business.


Online fraud is problematic for some business. LocationSmart offers businesses methods to collect location data in real-time to prevent fraud. Devices can be easily identified when attempting to hide their IP address. LocationSmart is useful to companies who works or implements a game platform. The companies must ensure users are completing transactions from the legal gaming area. Location data is the only way to ensure transactions are made from a legal gaming area. LocationSmart ensures a secure method to identify the location of a user is used by a business. Businesses can rely on LocationSmart to meet gaming compliance and other state requirements.


LocationSmart has taken the Location-as-a-Service(LaaS) and provide several features that led to billions of transactions being completed. Tools of LocationSmart helps companies with promotions increase brand awareness with improved communication and the company is protecting users on the network. There is a lot of versatility offered by the solutions from LocationSmart. LocationSmart is able to offer analytics with the location data collected. Analytics can be used by a business to determine performance and can help improve the performance of a certain area.


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