Staying in touch with our incarcerated loved ones can be quite a task, we often have to contend with long drives and lengthy queues for limited visitation time. But the new video visitation service by Securus is about to lighten up this Christmas as a fast internet connection and webcam fitted computer is all one needs to connect with them. The service allows our loved ones to be there even when it is practically impossible and participate in some family affairs like they used to.


Most of us spend our Christmas with family and this time shouldn’t be any different. The Securus video technology that allows remote video visitation of our friends and family in prison ensures that they contribute their share by making the festivities livelier. If they always lead unboxing of Christmas presents in the family, why should anyone else if we still can still get their input through an inexpensive online video call. In most cases, we don’t have control of the visitation days and, therefore, either miss out on while engaged in other services or don’t have ample time to bring our children along during the visits. But the video visitation service allows our entire family to see and engage with our loved ones from the comfort of our home.


Other Securus services

Securus is committed to streamlining the jail visitation process. Through a series of innovative visitation service perks, an individual can now schedule their visitation from the comfort of their home. One no longer has to make lengthy trips to jail to schedule visitation or spend loads of time on the phone confirming visitation or waiting for connection to your loved one. Securus allows us to schedule physical or video visitation as well as call time online.


Upon opening a Securus account, you will also note that they have several other services that complement the video visitation. You can also opt for the email service plus if you can’t get hold of your incarcerated loved one, you can leave them a voicemail message through the Securus jail voicemail service. With such flexible services we no longer have to postpone our engagements for visitation days or worry about our children going for a long time without seeing one parent.