In New Jersey’s property space, real estate developer and philanthropist Sam Boraie is gaining distinction. He is one of three Vice Presidents at Boraie Development; the family business established by his father Omar Boraie. Sam has seen the transformation of the company into the top real estate firm in New Jersey with a bulk of its interests in the city of New Brunswick.

As the company’s head of the business development division, Sam has seen the company grow significantly due to the numerous acquisitions he has brought in. His leadership acumen and networking skills have seen him repeatedly use his connections to market the firm’s properties while also bringing in partners for projects that require substantial funding. The company has undertaken different campaigns over time that resulted in partnerships with high net worth individuals like Shaq O’Neil.

In New Brunswick, Boraie Development LLC is spearheading the development of many properties, breathing new life into the New Jersey City. Over the past half a decade, Boraie Development’s efforts to inspire a boom in the local real estate industry have paid generous dividends. The sprawling developments the company has brought are attracting small businesses and residents to the city. As a result, there has been a steady increase in demand for housing resulting in increased occupancy for apartment, office and retail space. There has also been an increased demand for auxiliary services, thus causing the rise of small and middle-sized businesses in the city. Read more about the company on

Boraie’s ongoing projects make an impressive list that will positively transform the New Jersey skyline on completion. Aspire, for instance, is a new luxury apartments tower and is the company’s most exciting project. It is targeting the city’s bulging populace and is served by major leisure and transport facilities that are at the heart of the city. New Jersey and Five Visions are other developments worth noting under Boraie Development’s portfolio

According to Sam Boraie, the completed projects mark only the beginning of the company’s plan to revive New Brunswick and help it recover from effects of the recession. Sam; the Vice President in charge of new developments division states that the company’s long-term plan is to ensure continued growth of the city.

Sam Boraie is also involved in many initiatives that benefit the community. He serves on the New Jersey State Theatre’s Board of Trustees. This historic performing arts venue is a non-profit that aims to impact the New Jersey Community through arts, education and world-class performance. Through partnerships and donations, the theater has provided $650,000 annually in outreach and subsidized education programs to the underprivileged.

Mr. Boraie is also a principal financier and member of the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise. This non-profit is based in Brunswick and seeks to empower lives and alleviate hunger by availing quality food to the vulnerable in society. Their objectives go beyond providing food. They provide training in food operations through community classes at their Promise Culinary School. Additionally, they seek to change the way people eat and add sustainability by promoting healthy eating habits with minimal waste.

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