Raffaele Riva has been in finance all of his life domestically and internationally. Riva is a name that many know quite well and to think that all this started with a little boy who was born in 1962.

Since he was a child, he was interested in numbers and the world of mathematics. This propelled him to go to Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore where he graduated in 1987. His goals were grand; he was able to earn a number of degrees from that university and graduated with honors. Much of what he focused on was economics, but he did receive a graduate degree in the accounting industry.

After his studies in Milan, Raffaele Riva was ready to get his hands dirty and get involved in finance. He was able to do this in one year after graduating. He was hired by an exceptional firm in Manchester where he learned a little about accounting hands-on, with a focus on audits. He was promoted from being an assistant in the audit department to an assistant manager though he did leave that position in 1992.

It was a good position, but the position was too small for his ambitions, which promoted him to leave. It did not take long to become a manager for a global financial company that worked in places like North America and Africa among other continents. He was given a position in several boards where he took on serious responsibilities. After proving himself numerous times, Raffaele Riva became a senior executive.

Still, that world was only a stepping stone to him because Riva wanted his own financial-focused firm, and he was able to do that by founding the Aurea Multi Family Office. Here, he is not only the partner, founder, and co-owner, but he is also the visionary, the person who is guiding the firm forward. His company is focused on wealth planning, tax planning, international finance, international taxes, asset management, mergers, and estate planning, just to mention a few aspects the firm deals with.

It is clear that Riva knew what he wanted, and he went out into the world to conquer it.