The food industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and due to this competitiveness; few companies operate for more than two decades. However, OSI Food Solutions has defiled this reality to become one of the oldest and the most efficient companies in this competitive niche. The management of this company, however, points out that the company’s success and versatility in this industry is a product of different factors.

First, the company’s approach to growth is unmatched – in terms of the entity’s approach to policies. In the last five years, for example, the management has helped OSI Food Solutions to close more than ten deals with small facilities across Europe and Asia. The management believes that the company’s presence in these markets is critical, and therefore acquiring new facilities is critical. In addition to acquiring new facilities, the management has strategically expanded to markets where there is a huge demand for food products.

Second, the company is successful due to its approach to partnerships, especially with other companies in the food market. According to the management, working with companies such as McDonald’s has assisted the company in growing in unique markets such as Asia. In order to work with another company, OSI Food Solutions must share some beliefs with the other company — for example, equal employment opportunities for all people.

Thirdly, the company is successful primarily due to its approach to employment, where every employee is important to the company. OSI Food Solutions is one of the first companies to have a clause in its blueprint that stipulates its view on equitable employment. Over the years, the company has been an employer to all people, without discrimination on the bases of religion, race, nationalities — and any other schism.

Finally, the company understands the importance of having policies on sustainability and charity. OSI Food Solutions, through different projects and initiatives, continues to change millions of lives around the world. The company has initiated projects across the world, specifically in Asia. In a recent review on corporate social responsibilities projects in Asia, the company was named as a perfect example on the best way to handle CSR.

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