JHSF Participacoes is the leading provider and investor in areas like real estate development, hotels, airports, luxury brands, and shopping malls. This venture was founded in 1972 and works with more than 5,000 employees. This company recently traded its stock on the Novo Mercado and currently operates as a public company.

A look at the operations of JHSF Participacoes

The principals of JHSF Participacoes are Eduardo Camara and Jose AuriemoNeto. This corporation has operations in Uruguay, Brazil, and the United States. JHSF Participacoes is committed to excellence and integrity when it comes to providing services to its vast clientele. Aside from construction, this company is also involved in the commissioning of properties. Among the structures inaugurated by JHSF Participacoes include Shopping Cidade Jardim and City Garden Corporate Center. This company is known to provide residential homes to the working class community in Brazil. The City Garden Corporate Centre houses nine residential towers that are rented and leased to millennia working within Brazil. JHSF Participacoes operates other businesses, including Shopping Ponta Negra, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Hotels do Grupo Fasano, Shopping Bela Vista, and Restaurants do Grupo Fasano.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the president of JHSF Participacoes, a real estate company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This entrepreneur has helped set up numerous businesses, including the Parkbem. Jose Neto has made significant milestones in the real estate market. He began working at JHSF Participacoes more than two decades ago. JHSF Participacoes is a public company that provides services under three subdivisions, including housing, shopping malls, and hotels.

This company has put a lot of money in sectors, such as restaurants, hotels, and residential properties. The firm has since pioneered in the development of different properties, including the Shopping Santa Cruz. Under Jose Auriemo’s management, JHSF Participacoes has grown into a billion-dollar Company, with a current market value of R $1.20 billion. Jose Neto has helped launch other businesses like Shopping Cidade Jardim, a structure he helped design and construct. This executive has made a name for himself in the construction industry. Jose Neto is recognized as one of the most successful real estate investors in Brazil.