Along with his family, Gino Pozzo has owned three European football teams. The first team was purchased in 1986. This is Udinese Calcio Football Club in Italy. In 2009, they purchased Spain’s Granada Football Club. In 2012, the Pozzo family bought Watford Football Club in the United Kingdom.

His father Gianpaolo Pozzo is credited with turning around Udinese Calcio. Just three years after he bought the team it rose from playing in the Serie B league to the Champions League. Gino Pozzo created the scout-driven model that his father followed. When they bought Granada F.C. it was playing in the Segunda B league. Just two years later it was in the Primera Liga.

When he bought Watford F.C., he moved his family from Barcelona, Spain, to London, England. He wanted to be closer to the club so he could be involved in its daily operations. He viewed Watford as his top project because of the potential of it playing in England’s Premier League. Most football fans consider this to be the best league in the world.

Four years later, Watford went from the Fourth Division to the Premier League. In the year this occurred, 2015, he sold Granada F.C. to the owner of Link International Sports, Jiang Lizhang. Gino Pozzo says he made the move so that all of his attention could be on the Watford and Udinese clubs. Using his scout-driven model, he moves players between these two teams to make them both better.

It used to be that local businessmen owned football clubs in Europe. Those days are long past as football is a multibillion-dollar industry. A team in the Premier League can bring in millions of dollars a year. To get Watford into the Premier League, he made many player trades and went through eight head coaches and managers.