Bernardo Chua founded and is the Chief Executive of Organo Gold, a hugely successful company. While the company is headquartered in Canada, Chua, who is also commonly known by the nickname ‘Bernie,’ originally hails from the Philippines.

Through his company, he helped to develop the herb ganoderma lucidium into drinkable coffee and tea brands, introducing healthier alternatives to the two beverages into the market.

The Success of Organo Gold

According to Business For Home, Bernardo Chua started his Organo Gold Company in British Columbia, Canada in 2008. The company that began its life as a tiny start-up employing only three employees has seen phenomenal growth in the last decade and today boasts several offices all over the globe.

Only five years after the launch of the company, Organo Gold was ranked by Direct Selling News as the 55th largest company in the direct selling industry globally.

For Chua, education has always been one of the major areas of focus within his business since it provides his consumers and distributors with the trust and confidence that his competitors often come up short on. Currently, Organo Gold has more than a million distributors around the world from its humble beginnings.

Chua’s Management Style and Business Philosophy

When Chua was a child, he was taught about the uses and benefits of the ganoderma herb. However, he does not stop at that, with Zoom Info reporting that Bernardo Chua continues to work closely with farmers to fund research on the herb to ensure that Organo Gold continues to supply the highest quality of ganoderma.

It is in addition to his unwavering focus on teaching people around the world about ganoderma and the benefits they can gain from drinking herbal tea and coffee.

Besides, he closely monitors the refinement of the beverage production process to ensure that Organo Gold products continue to be affordably priced despite containing the finest quality ingredients.

Bernardo Chua’s achievements have seen him receive numerous awards throughout his career. Among the most notable are the National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014 where he received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry.

His company also received recognition by the National Shoppers Choice for direct selling achievements. Organo Gold has also won the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times.