Gustavo Martinez is an iconic name in the world of marketing and advertising. He has been a part of many well-known advertising campaigns over the years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He served with McCann World Group where he eventually became the firm’s president. He also worked with Mather and Ogilvy as their president and served as the chief executive officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. In recent years, he has taken on more of a consultant role and is really enjoying the work he is now doing.


Gustavo Martinez sees the advertising industry as an industry where creativity is rewarded. He knows it takes the right kind of person to create the kinds of ads that really draw people in. Instead of looking for advertising professionals who function like work horses, Martinez likes to hire people who understand the art form well. While every marketing campaign has a goal, it takes a special kind of person to know how to steer the ship to reach that goal.


In order to allow marketing professionals to draw upon their own creativity, Gustavo Martinez believes in creating an atmosphere where they feel free. Consultants have this kind of freedom as they are able to move in and out of different situations; offering their talent up to the highest bidder. There is a huge difference between a consultant and an employee, and the most glaring difference is the fact that a consultant is not obligated to work a set schedule all of the time. Martinez likes to give his team enough room to operate because he knows that creative types don’t work well when they feel constrained.


Gustavo Martinez has been working on something completely different the last few years. He is now working to help startups with all of their needs, and he is doing so by partnering up with UV Business Acceleration. He knows that companies need to remain flexible to be able to grow quickly, and business acceleration is a process that helps them to do so. He has seen a lot during his time in the industry, and he is happy to be able to share his knowledge and experience with those who can benefit from them the most.


Gustavo Martinez has been closely following the Internet of Things (IoT) and believes it will be providing marketers with many new advertising opportunities soon. He feels that many people in his field are overlooking the possibilities that are inherent with the IoT. He can imagine a future where people will be able to order products that are recommended to them by their technology, which will be using sensors and other tools to determine their needs.


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