Guilherme Paulus is a well decorated and celebrated entrepreneur from Brazil who is well known to be the co-founder of CVC Tours; undeniably Brazil’s largest tours operator in Latin America. CVC tours trace back in 1972 when a young Paulus at only 24 years of age came into an alliance with Carlos Vicente and decided to tackle the tourism industry. Paulus had just graduated from college and was working as an intern at IBM when he grew an interest in Brazil’s tourism sector.

Although inexperienced, Guilherme Paulus had a niche for spotting opportunity and creativity, and he used that to make CVC Tours, the empire it is currently. He incorporated exciting activities in the tours offered by his company and in turn conducted business differently from other players in the industry. Redefining the touring experience raised CVC Tours to the top of the game and within a few into operation the company had become a market leader. Over the years he continued to work on innovative ideas and even introduced ocean cruises that distinguish CVC Tours from the rest.

More than three decades into business and accomplishing his targets, Guilherme Paulus identified another loophole in the tourism industry. He was often left with the task of referring his clients to hotels and destinations while on tours with CVC. In 2005, he launched GJP hotels and resorts; a chain of more than twenty hotels and resorts. He planned to divert all revenue to one roof, so he invested about $ 600 million of his own money into building one of Brazil’s finest hotels and resorts to heed to the demand of both international and local tourists. This development contributed to boosting Brazil’s economy, the tourism sector as well as creates employment for thousands of Brazilians.

Following this progress, Guilherme Paulus has since been recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.” He was featured on the cover of Isto E Dinheiro’s magazine to celebrate the entrepreneur. He also finds interest in participating in social responsibility where he sponsors courses targeting at educating, encouraging and helping the youth in becoming part of the tourism industry.

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