Greg Blatt brings his unique law talents to the corporate world. He recently served as the CEO of the online dating platform Match. Match took a different approach to pairing up couples. The business model encouraged couples to mingle and meet, but the platform was upfront about offering dating safety guidelines and tips. It was a fresh way to handle the often scary world of online dating (MarthaStewart).

With Blatt at the helm, Match encouraged couples to interact online first then if there was a match, no pun intended, they could proceed to meet over coffee or some other light activity. Match recommends the first meeting be simple and keep it short. According to Greg Blatt, meeting over a cup of coffee can take as little as 20 minutes, which can be just perfect. If you are planning to meet for dinner on the first date, it can be a mistake. Dinner takes time, and it is hard to get out of if the situation is uncomfortable or just not your cup of tea.

Greg Blatt wanted to keep the Match platform transparent, and the articles and advice on the site were all geared with that same message. Blatt believes in keeping the date real and made Match do the same. For example, their blog suggests keeping your appearance authentic. When you do have your first meeting, keep your appearance close to what you usually look like and wear the same style of clothes you normally wear. That only makes sense. You do not want to show up in a dress and high heels if you typically wear jeans and a t-shirt. As Blatt preaches, keep true to yourself, and you will do fine.

Greg Blatt earned his law degree from Columbia, and he has spent time at other universities in New York. Before Match, he worked in the legal department for the Martha Stewart Corporation. It would appear that he and Ms. Stewart became friends during his time at her company because he has been on some of her videos productions. They seem to be genuinely warm and friendly with each other but still very professional.
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