Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley Edens founded Fortress Investment in New York in 1998. The company first worked as a private firm and Wes Edens input his experience from BlackRock and his new investment strategies that proved to be crucial milestones to the development of Fortress Investment Group. The company grew rapidly and has become among the quickest growing private firms in the market history.

Over time the Fortress Investment Group has consistently grown and diversified its investments. For instance, they are investing in high-speed rails as well as other revolutionary technologies at the front position of the potential economy. The company has also collaborated with other prominent companies in a bid to fulfill strategic financial objectives. Fortress Investment Group has become popular due to its exceptional dedication to success and inventive leaders. The leaders at Fortress Investment are passionate about helping other businesses go to greater heights and achieve their goals. They get satisfaction when they assist other business leaders in realizing their potential.

The leaders jointly agreed for the purchase of Fortress by SoftBank in 2017. They believed that this would be an excellent opportunity for them to explore higher ambitions. These would be of great benefits to the Fortress Investment Group, their investors and their partners. Despite acquisition by SoftBank, Fortress still maintained its diversified business model. The diversified business model has proved to be beneficial to partners as well as providing higher profits.

The business model used by Fortress is also beneficial in that it is predictable and stable in term of management fees. The more significant parts of incentives are acquired from substitute investments as well as long-standing investments. These characteristics allow the Fortress to have more definite financial outcomes. The Group is always transparent in relations to long-term investments and fees, which sets it apart from other investments.

Fortress Investment Group would also sustain its sovereignty and power of decision-making. The Group had already made it a condition that they would keep making their inventive decisions without being interfered with external opinions. This has been beneficial to the SoftBank as they always aimed to benefit from the company’s incredible styles of investment as well as great deal making approaches.

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