Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC is a law firm that’s excited about a new project rolled out by the New York Bar Association. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has started a website that takes a headache out of finding a great lawyer. The site is located at It’s absolutely free of charge to submit a request to find an attorney online. You’ll be provided with referrals, and if you’d like to set up a consultation or two, you can do that for a small charge of $35 (each) in most cases. The fee isn’t applicable in some instances. The service will save you a ton of time and money from having to be on the phone all day or running from office to office. The website also includes other information such as how to get free or low-cost legal assistance for those who qualify.


Jeremy Goldstein’s firm is pleased to introduce themselves to the community. Goldstein started his boutique firm after gaining much knowledge and experience as a partner with another firm. He has worked with some of the largest companies around and is a highly skilled litigator in corporate law. Many of the matters he handles are sensitive in nature such as compensation and corporate policy.


He continued to go to graduate school to earn an M.S. degree and finally to law school at New York University. He’s kept current with his law school by contributing to their law journal. He’s also written articles for Harvard University in the area of corporate governance. Goldstein also makes time to show his community pride and appreciation by helping out local charities. His leadership skills and diplomatic style are an asset to any organization, especially one assisting the disadvantaged. It’s not a surprise the NYBA gives Goldstein top billing; his business acumen and legal skills help not only paying clients but those that surround him.


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