In the world of fashion, many different names come to mind when you consider some of fashion’s greats. The next phase of the new fashion world is to fulfill what we need for the future. Glenn is fulfilling the next phase by analyzing what people of tomorrow need now. Glenn Schlossberg is an alum of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. He learned there about gaps in the fashion world for tomorrow and decided they needed to be filled with a company that could close the gaps. He created the Jump Design Group to fix those gaps and make fashion more accessible to those who need trendy clothing that is designed to hold up.

The Jump Design Group is one place that is capable of making a lot of different changes for the future of fashion. The Jump Design Group collects trend ideas at fashion functions and from other fashion resources. They look over their ideas and then come up with what they want to achieve in the design room. They generally choose ideas that are focused on what trends will sell and make the most profit. The designs are then produced by domestically located designers to create fashion that is well made and not cheaply mass produced by a foreign company.

The Jump Design Group allows for people to purchase clothing that is designed to last long and replicate current fast fashion trends. The Jump Design Group is made to work with a lot of different online and retail businesses. They have a number of partnerships with Macy’s, Zappos, and various other businesses. The Jump Design Group is changing how businesses get their fashion designs from.

Glenn Schlossberg is aware that being in the fashion industry is rarely a lasting thing. He may not be one of the big names in fashion, but he intends to be someone who lasts a while in the fashion industry. He wants to be someone who can keep ahead of the latest trends and stay current and futuristic within the industry as long as he is able to run Jump Design Group successfully.