Blogger. Writer. Investor. All of these words describe Glen Wakeman, CEO of Launch Pad Holdings LLC. Wakeman’s illustrious career has taken him all over the globe and taught him immeasurable lessons and skills. Glen’s career as a writer gives him the medium to advise others and help spread his success.


A Strong Pedigree


Glen Wakeman has an extensive educational background. He earned his BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. He went on to earn an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. From there he began his career working for GE Capital.


Wakeman used his expertise to aid others in their business ventures. He has advised start-ups, new market entry, divestitures, exponential growth, among others. Through all of his ventures and advising work he prizes 5 key performance areas;


  • Execution
  • Governance
  • Human capital
  • Leadership
  • Risk Management


Close management and attention to these five areas build the basis of Glen Wakeman’s approach to business ventures.


Glen offers a unique point of view in his regular blog posts. He posts about international fiscal matters, emerging markets, management and administration strategy, among other topics. He also provides advice on strategy and capital raising.


Glen Wakeman also offers his services as a mentor. He mentors several C-level executives and advises start-ups. Glen is passionate about helping others succeed as he has found success.




Glen Wakeman is a living example of giving back. He has found much success in the business world and wishes to impart his knowledge and experience to others. His 5 key performance areas are genius in their simplicity. He aids other executives and entrepreneurs in their business ventures in hopes of helping others succeed as he has.


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