You can get the perfect blend of cosmetic shades and hues wonderfully crafted and designed by very popular female entrepreneur Doe Deere by visiting the exclusive Lime Crime website today. Deere admits, her makeup collection is intended to empower girls and guys around the world to be creative and more importantly, to be you. She offers a great selection of eye-shadow and lipstick products that have become trendy among the stars for having a super-foil base that is 100% waterproof. Get a superior line of cosmetics that transition well from the day to the night. Her collection is a product of avoiding what the naysayer’s have once said about her unconventional way of thinking.

Lime Crime impresses their customers with the benefits of having a collection that is unmatched by their competitors. You get vibrant colors like Metallic and Sorbet blends. Her line is careful to go on moist with a perfected smooth finish for your eyes and lips. You don’t have to worry about ordinary tasks throughout your day like eating and drinking. Doe Deere is the first to admit that her method of colors were not the rave at the beginning stages of pioneering her Lime Crime cosmetics line.

She has also branded a new hair dye collection that includes an intricate collection of bleach-free, ammonia free products. Deere, has embarked on a hair dye that is safe for all hair types. The Unicorn collection offers her customers a complete 700 ml jar that gives you one application or two complete touch-ups. You have the option of a semi or permanent hair dye that last throughout fourteen washes.Transform your daily look on a permanent or temporary basis with amazing color choices. Her customers are satisfied with their hair dye collection and have become a part of their huge fan-base.

You can find great ways to mix and match their products exclusively from their YouTube channel. It involves a host of women from around the world that help you find creative ways to use Lime Crime. They also offer an amazing sister company, Doll Kills, that offers their customers great accessories, shoes, and other clothing items that go great with their makeup. You can become a part of the color revolution that is sweeping the world with bold shades. Deere, has reminded her wearers that thinking unconventional may not always be popular, but it can be the key to your dreams.

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