In the world we all live in today, people all around are becoming more aware of the ingredients that make up the products of our everyday use. This is true for the foods we consume and down to the skin care and beauty products we use daily as well. Some manufacturers of the products we use, state their products have natural ingredients, but you read to find the other harsh chemicals added as well as the one or two “natural” ingredients listed to catch your eye for the buy.

Genucel, a subsidiary of the brand Chamonix, is a series of plant cell therapies, Pharmacist; George Faltaous. George first started creating ant-aging solutions in 1999; looking to mother nature to guide and inspire him, he created a successful line of products, with top of the line ingredients. Other manufacturer’s use chemical-based solutions, which can cause burns, dark spots, and even puffiness.

Based on, the main active ingredient is a patented element called Phytocell Tec, made from stem cells obtained from a rare species of Swiss apples. Plant based stem cell line of beauty products to fight droopiness of the eyes and wrinkles. Results from using Genucel products, have been visible in as little as 12 hours after use for some.

Algae Extracts, Green Tea Extracts,Goji Berry Extracts, all provide antioxidants to the skin and are all some of the ingredients of Genucel products. Calendula Flower Extract, Grapeseed oil, and natural sources of vitamins A, E, and C are also ingredients, providing beneficial and natural skin care therapy; without the artificial chemicals.

Genucel by Chamonix offers products from Jawline Treatments, to Eyelid Treatments, and many more for your different skin care and beauty needs. Now, you are going to pay more for the product, but Genucel offers a money back guarantee, for those who are not satisfied with their results. The money will be well worth it, being the long-term effectiveness you’ll see, and not having to spend thousands by having surgeries to get the same results.  For more info about Genucel you can visit