Flavio Maluf is a successful businessman who hails in Brazil. He is an executive at Eucatex, a company that deals with the manufacture of products such as wood fiber sheets, doors, paints and varnishes, partitions, and floors. All of these products are manufactured using eucalyptus. Since emissions are produced in the various manufacturing plants owned by Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has been trying to come up with sustainability strategies that will be favorable to Eucatex.

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Eucatex has been present since 1951. Since the company deals with the manufacture of timber-based products, Eucatex had to ensure that they are preserving the environment while also ensuring that they had a constant supply of raw materials. In 1962, Eucatex began to invest in land. They then started to carry out reforestation thus ensuring that the raw materials needed by the company were readily available. Later on, Eucatex had achieved its goals in ensuring they have improved the environment and the society at large.

Eucatex has offices throughout Brazil, but their headquarters are situated in Sao Paulo. Since Flavio Maluf is obsessed with ensuring that there is sustainability, he ensured that Eucatex had formed the Environmental Education Program (PEA). Through the assistance of the Sao Paulo municipal governments, the Environmental Education Program (PEA) has been able to reach out to many people including students. The program has focused on ensuring that people are educated on the importance of improving the environment as well as how to correctly manage forests. People have also learned more about the importance of using eucalyptus as a raw material.

The Environmental Education Program (PEA) also ensures that people have access to the various parks and ecological trails. By taking part in such projects, people gain more knowledge about urban planting and how it benefits the society. They also learn about why it is important to take part in afforestation and recovery planting. Such activities are always carried out in the deranged areas. So far, more than 27,000 people have benefited from the educational program that had been unveiled by Eucatex, courtesy of Flavio Maluf. The specialists at Eucatex also visit the people within the surrounding community. They always carry out activities such as socioeconomic diagnosis. Read More: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/181342/flavio-maluf-reporta-saldo-da-balanca-do-agronegocio-brasileiro-do-mes-de-junho