Ted Bauman is an Atlanta, GA resident. In the year 2013, he was hired Banyan Hill Publishing where he was in charge of editing several publications. Among the publications were; the Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and 10X Project. Throughout his career life, he has continuously helped people in the creation and securing of their wealth. Thus, they can have independence and freedom to their wealth. Through Banyan Hill, he could pursue his foray.

Washington, D.C. was his birthplace and later brought up in Maryland. However, he did not live here as much as he relocated to South Africa in pursuant of his dreams. He studied in the University of Cape Town and graduated with summa cum laude MBA in economics and history. In South Africa, he served in his acre for 25 years. Then, he held several executive positions primarily within non-profit organizations. Precisely he managed funds in the development of housing projects in South Africa.

In the early 2000s, he ventured more on his passion as he wrote up books on finance and conducted more research on finance. Similarly, he was more interested in developing research for urban housing for different clients in the United Nations, European Agencies, South African Government and the World Bank. He returned to the United States in 2008. There, Ted Bauman worked for International Housing Program as a Director. His incumbency lasted for five years, and there he left to research and write full-time.

Through his career, he has been able to travel the world more. Within, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia, he has moved more than eighty countries. Exploring in this nations has helped Ted Bauman teach people on how to maximize their wealth. Mostly, The Ted Bauman Letter has allowed him to be more committed to his goals. Over the years, he has written numerous finance publications as well as newsletters such as Benzinga, The Guardian, Barron’s, Forbes Market Watch among others. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. Similarly, Ted has published several articles such as Small Enterprise Development and Environment and Journal of Microfinance.Today, he is currently working on publishing his books while some of them he has already published.

For details: tedbaumanguru.com/