As an expert in infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens has seen a lot of areas in Rio de Janeiro that need to be improved upon if they want the city to experience any degree of revitalization. While many people were hoping that the city hosting the Olympics would help them grow, it ended up not having the effect that they hoped and abandoned buildings and businesses now litter the landscape. While Felipe Montoro Jens knows that there is a long way to go when it comes to revitalizing the city, he thinks that he can be done if improvements to infrastructure are made. Read more about Montoro Jens at

When the Olympics came to the area, several large hotels were built to accommodate the visitors that would be staying in the area. The city went through a short period of popularity because of the event, but when it left so did all of the people and the money that they brought with them. When people first come to the area, Felipe Montoro Jens says that many are surprised by the state that certain areas in the city such as the Port Zone are in. They have one of the highest rates of unoccupied buildings, but Felipe Montoro Jens notes that the real estate market is starting to show some signs of improvement.

As someone who has worked on many large projects before, Felipe Montoro Jens has a lot of faith in the area to be revitalized as long as people are willing to make the investment into it that it needs. He expects that the number of unoccupied buildings in the area will start to grow soon which is a good thing for the area as it is a strong indicator of crime and other issues according to statistics. There are even talks to bring companies from other countries to the area. Related Article:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210