The problem with traditional loans is that they are difficult to gain and offer little options for the people that take them out. Payment plans are fixed, interest rates fluctuate, and consumers are mostly at the whim of the institution they borrowed from. Equities First Holdings provides a level playing field so borrowers can have wiggle room to afford their loan payments. It is the magic of alternative financing and EFH is king of the stock-based loan. Their fixed interest rates ensure that borrowers will not get buried beneath an unexpected increase.

EFH has been operating since 2002. The company was created by Al Christy Jr. and according to its Wikipedia page has handled over $1.4 billion dollars in transactions. Equities First Holdings went global in 2013 when it expanded into countries outside Europe through a partnership with Meridian. EFH began its life with offices located in London but has since moved to its headquarters to Indianapolis. The company also has branches in Asia and Australia.