Flavio Maluf says that the Brazilian agricultural industry experienced declines during the first half of 2018 for a number of reasons. One of the big reasons is that 2017 was a banner year for the industry and so 2018 was always going to be likely to be a bit disappointing. Another reason is that there was a truck driver strike which resulted in a 10-day work stoppage. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

The first quarter of 2018 fell by 2.6 percent as compared to the same quarter in 2017. Flavio Maluf says that the first quarter of 2017 had gone up by 18.5 percent compared to 2016’s first quarter. He expects that once the final numbers roll in for the second quarter of 2018 it will have similar results.

The truck drivers performed a work stoppage for two reasons. The first was that they were protesting the high cost of diesel fuel in Brazil. The second reason was that they feel their industry is far too regulated by the government. They went back to work after 10 days but their protest caused a number of problems, especially for smaller farmers who couldn’t get their products to market.

Eucatex is a company that grows and harvests Eucalyptus trees it then converts into building materials, furniture, and toys. Flavio Maluf has led this company for the last several years. He has said that his company was started by his great-grandfather and has been a family-run business ever since. In addition to heading Eucatex, he is also the president of Grandfood which is a chain of supermarkets.

As an entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf is always on the look for new ideas he can apply to his businesses as well as new ones he could start. He says that he reads magazines and surfs the internet on a regular basis which he does to relax as well as come up with new business ideas.

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